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Credit Card Authorization Form
1. Please fill out, sign and fax this form to J.B. International Co. fax 1-213-749-1517.
2. If this form is not faxed back within 3 business days, the pending order will be automatically cancelled.
3. You agree NOT to dispute charges with regard to quality matter of our merchandise unless you inform J.B. International Co. within 5 business days from the receipt of the products by submission of this form.
Last Name
First Name
Company Name
I hereby authorize J.B. International Co. to keep my credit card information on file so that it can be charged for purchases from your company and agree to J.B. International Co.'s terms and conditions.

Name of cardholder _______________________________ Date _________________

Signature _____________________________________________
Card type
Visa     Mastercard
Card category
Corporate card     Personal card
Credit card number
Expiration date
_______ /________
Card security code
(Last 3 digit number on the back of the card)


(As appeared on credit card)
Billing Address
(Credit card billing address on the card statement)
Street _______________________________________
City _______________________ State ___________________
Zip/Postal code ____________________
JB International Co. will keep all information entered on this form strictly confidential.